HQ Stairmats

Affixing stairmats; an easy job for the home front

The vacations are on the horizon again. For the home front, this is the ideal time of the year to take care of chores in and around the house. Placing or replacing stairmats is a straightforward job that doesn’t take much time, allowing you to enjoy the rest of your day off.

What are stairmats?

As their name suggests, stairmats are mats for stairs. They’re sometimes referred to as demilunes. HQ stairmats are available in a variety of types, materials and sizes, and you can place them on open as well as closed stairs. View our entire stairmat assortment on our website.

Why would you recommend a stairmat?
There are many reasons to place stairmats on stairs.

  1. They have a non-slip function, which reduces the risk of you sliding down the stairs.
  2. They are noise dampening, thus reducing the noise of footsteps.
  3. They protect the steps and the paintwork on stairs.
  4. They add to the atmosphere of the corridor and/or landing.

On top of that, stairmats are often used as a temporary solution during renovations. In these situations, stairs are used very frequently and have to suffer the impact of heavy work shoes. As such, it’s a good idea to place a cheaper stairmat onto the stairs first. After the renovation, you can replace this with a stairmat that suits the rest of your interior.

Affixing stairmats

Affixing stairmats is a straightforward job. First, make sure the place you want to affix the stairmat is clean and free of grease. There is an adhesive strip on the back of the stairmat. Remove the top strip and simply attach the stairmat to the stairs. The aluminium stairmats don’t have an adhesive strip, but can be affixed with the included screws instead.

Advantages of stairmats

  • Easy to affix thanks to the adhesive strip
  • Noise-dampening qualities
  • Non-slip function to reduce the risk of slipping and falling
  • Protects both the tops and fronts of the steps
  • Comfortable sensation for your feet

More information

For more information on our HQ stairmats, please contact Hamat Sales Support via +31 38 – 385 55 28 or by sending an email to sales@hamat.com. They are happy to tell you more.